Whitetail- River and Creek Bottoms, and Sand Hills Prairie Packages

We offer a wide variety of the best whitetail deer hunting in the West at any of our 4 hunting locations in NE. Our ranches cover over 120,000 acres of private ground that is managed for trophy whitetails. Our large tracts of private land allow us to manage and harvest trophy quality deer year after year. Most hunting will be done from tree stands and ground blinds. Our stand locations overlook prime habitat and under certain circumstances, we use the spot and stalk method applying fair chase guidelines.

Our clients don't hunt over feeders and they harvestwild deer. Our deer herds are wild and aren't contained behind any type of fencing. We manage our deer herds by planting food plots, providing supplements, implementing point limitations year after year, and harvesting mature does.

The rifle season is during the rut, which allows for super successful hunting. Our bucksannually score in the 120 to 160 B&C range with
some scoring larger. Rifle success rates are in the range of 90% to 100%, with muzzleloader and archery success rates being less.
We just started our whitetail management program four years ago and are now benefiting from its implementation with impressive results.

Our diversity in geographical regions allows our clients to select a hunt that suits their expectations and hunting abilities. We have experienced guides in each individual area and it is a reality to harvest your trophy on the first day of the hunt. If that doesn't happen, we will keep working to make your hunt a success. Nebraska allows for the harvest of two antlered deer, so there is the possibility of taking two trophies in one trip by combining an archery hunt with a firearm hunt. Nebraska offers a statewide buck-only license, which physically allows a client to hunt the western half of Nebraska on any of our ranches and leases. Guiding hunters is our business and we are determined to create a successful hunt for our clients. Whitetail hunts are available in all-inclusive and unguided packages with rifle, muzzleloader, and archery permits available.

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