Available in Nebraska in multiple locations

Nebraska is home to the Merriam turkey and Ash Creek Outfitters offers hunts in two locations in Nebraska. All locations locations have thriving and abundant populations of wild turkeys. The NE turkey season have both fall and spring seasons for both archery and shotgun hunters. This allows for an abundance of hunting opportunities throughout the year. Fall hunts will use the spot and stalk method while the spring hunts will use the same method with the addition of decoys and calling. This hunt usually runs a success rate of 95% to 100% and an extra day can be added for $200 to insure the harvest of an adult turkey.

We winter 400-700 turkeys annually on our ranches combined so there is a pipeline of long beards at Ash Creek Outfitters. We don't shoot jakes at any of our locations, which creates a steady supply of adult toms on all three ranches.

Nebraska's Pine Ridge National Forest is home to a large population of turkeys and our unguided hunts run a high success rate of 60% or better for shotgun hunts in most cases. Our hunts are available in all-inclusive and unguided packages with extra days available upon request.

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